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Data analysis and reporting software is accurate, but hard to use. We made the BI BRO, your friend helping understand and present your data in modern way. BI BRO can push data stories to these platforms: Understand, Teams, Slack

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Core of BI BRO - multi agent conversation pattern.

How does it work? To solve challenges such as extracting data from data sources, creating business descriptions for technical scripts, or finding data insights, BI BRO employs a multi-agent conversation pattern. This pattern is founded on the concept of several agents, each with distinct roles and skills, collaborating to solve a problem. Take a look at the example of the conversation below.

  • EXAMPLE 1: A multi-agent conversation aimed at creating an SQL query for a Data Warehouse, to answer the business question: "How does the income in each quarter of 2023 compare with the same quarter in 2022?"

  • EXAMPLE 2: A multi-agent conversation is utilized to find interesting insights in data. These insights are subsequently displayed on a KPI slide.

  • EXAMPLE 3: A multi-agent conversation is used to create presentation slide content, providing a business explanation of the data extraction process.

  • EXAMPLE 4: A multi-agent conversation is employed to uncover interesting insights in data. These insights are then showcased on a KPI slide.

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Frequently asked questions

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    • Where is the data stored during processing and analysis by BI BRO?

      BI BRO initiates queries directly within your database, ensuring that any intermediate data is temporarily held within BI BRO's memory. Once the analysis is complete, the aggregated results are securely stored within BI BRO's system before being delivered to the end-users.

    • How does BI BRO determine the structure and contents of the tables within a database?

      Upon establishing a connection, BI BRO systematically scans the data source's tables. Utilizing the Large Language Model, it formulates a comprehensive description of the data structures. We highly recommend that the data warehouse team periodically updates these descriptions, which enhances BI BRO's capability to generate precise SQL statements for data mining.

    • How is the security of the Large Language Model ensured within the Azure environment?

      Our implementation of the Large Language Model operates on dedicated Azure instances, separate from the common OpenAI API, ensuring enhanced security. All data processed by ChatGPT is confined to this secure environment and is not utilized for the training of OpenAI models, thereby maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.

    • How does BI BRO determine the appropriate data formatting for charts?

      BI BRO has a detailed understanding of your data model as well as the specific data model requirements for the charts it uses. This dual comprehension enables BI BRO to tailor the output in alignment with the expected format for the charts.

    • How does the automatic refresh feature work in BI BRO?

      BI BRO not only preserves the finalized query but also records the sequential steps formulated by the Large Language Model to achieve the desired outcome. Scheduled executions will re-run these predefined scripts, consisting of SQL and Python commands, to ensure consistent and predictable results in subsequent query runs.

    • Where can BI BRO publish data stories?

      BI BRO can publish data stories to various platforms, such as Understand, Microsoft Teams and Slack.